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23rd Legislative District Democrats

26th Legislative District Democrats

Fraternal Order of Police, Evergreen Lodge 1

"Throughout John's 31-year career at Kitsap County Sheriff's Office he has consistently demonstrated KCSO's core values of Teamwork, Integrity, and Professionalism. Additionally, as law enforcement has recently faced significant socio-political challenges John has demonstrated a calm, steady hand at the rudder to the great benefit of the agency and community. Without question, John's experience and leadership place him head and shoulders above his opponent in this election."

- IUPA Local 7408, Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Association

LiUNA! Laborers' Local 252

Kitsap County Democratic Women

Kitsap County Democrats

Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff's Guild

Kitsap Fire Fighters Union, IAFF L-2819

Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe

Suquamish Tribe

Current Elected Officials

Derek Kilmer, 6th Congressional District Representative


Christine Rolfes, 23rd Legislative District Senator

Emily Randall, 26th Legislative District Senator

Drew Hansen, 23rd Legislative District Representative

Tarra Simmons, 23rd Legislative District Representative

Charlotte Garrido, Kitsap County Commissioner

Rob Gelder, Kitsap County Commissioner

Ed Wolfe, Kitsap County Commissioner

Meredith Green, Kitsap County Treasurer

Chad Enright, Kitsap County Prosecutor

David Lewis, Kitsap County Clerk

Joe Nole, Jefferson County Sheriff

Casey Salisbury, Mason County Sheriff

John Snaza, Thurston County Sheriff

Greg Wheeler, Mayor of Bremerton

Michael Goodnow, Bremerton City Council Member

Joe Deets, Bainbridge Island North Ward Council Member and Mayor

Clarence Moriwaki, Bainbridge Island Deputy Mayor

Becky Erickson, Mayor of Poulsbo

Ed Stern, Poulsbo City Council Member

Rob Putaansuu, Mayor of Port Orchard

Gary Anderson, Port of Bremerton Commissioner

"I am proud to endorse John Gese for Kitsap County Sherriff. I know that public safety will be

his number one priority." - Cary Bozeman, Port of Bremerton Commissioner

Retired Elected Officials

"Sheriff John Gese possesses the temperament, ethics, and character to continue as our

Kitsap County Sheriff. I trust him." - Steve Boyer, Kitsap County Sheriff

"John cares about all of our citizens, and he is humbled and proud of the opportunity to serve as the Sheriff. "

- Pat Jones, Kitsap County Sheriff

"John has the ability, experience, and skills in developing realistic and systematic approaches

to overcome the challenges of today." - Gary Simpson, Kitsap County Sheriff

Judge Russ Hartman, Kitsap County Superior Court

Judge Jay Roof, Kitsap County Superior Court


Judge Stephen Alexander, Kitsap County District Court

Judge Steve Holman, Kitsap County District Court


"Sheriff Gese has been the leader in the Sheriff's Department for Deputy training, managing, and planning

how Kitsap County law enforcement services are provided.  His 30+ years of Department experience are invaluable for continuing the excellence of his Department." - Judge W. Daniel Phillips, Kitsap County District Court

Judge James Riehl, Kitsap County District Court

Jim Avery, Kitsap County Assessor

Sherry Appleton, 23rd Legislative District Representative

Patty Lent, Mayor of Bremerton

Judge James Docter, Bremerton Municipal Court


"Sheriff Gese has my support and endorsement, most importantly he has my vote!" - Kenneth Thomas, Poulsbo City Council Member

Greg Wall, South Kitsap School Board Member

Community Members

Bennie Armstong, former Suquamish Tribal Chairman

Keith Armstrong

Ken Bagwell

Johanna Baxter

Larry Bertholf

Mark Biggs


"I have known John for 25 plus years. Definitely the right choice for Kitsap County and the Sheriff’s Office."

- Chad Birkenfeld

Dennis Bonneville

Tomi Bonneville

Mary Bryant

Harriette Bryant

Jeffrey Burkhardt

"Now more than ever it is important to foster positive working relationships between our community and our law enforcement officers. Sheriff Gese understands the core values of our community and will continue to encourage open dialogue while maintaining public safety as his first priority." - Gina Buskirk

Kim Churchill

Russ Clithero

Annie Close

Kenneth Close

Richard Close, Jr.

Jeff Closson

Lisa Closson

Kristine Clucas

Jeff Crenshaw

Kim Crenshaw

 "John Gese, with his 30 year law enforcement experience, is dedicated to the Kitsap community and will continue to guide the Sheriff's Department to the highest standards." - Sharon Crook

"John Gese is a proven leader who has worked his way through the ranks from Patrol Deputy to Sheriff over a remarkable 30 year career. He is passionate about his community and dedicated to the citizens of Kitsap County! John has earned my support and vote! Please join me in voting for the clear and only choice for Kitsap County Sheriff: John Gese."

- Ken Dickinson

John Dolese

Steve Duckworth

Wendy Dutenhoeffer

Sophia Dyrness

Kelly Eisenhood

David Emmons

Kate Espy

William "Bill" Evans

Sheryl Fowler

Richard Fuller

Lisa Ganowski

Angelo Garcia

Ray Garrido

Deborah Gates

Joan Geraghty

Ron Gillespie

Joseph Gissberg

Mike Gormley

Jamie Gravelle

Randal Gravelle

Vicky Groce

Gina Group

"I have known John for over twenty years, since we served on the American Red Cross board together. I know that he is the best possible candidate for Kitsap County Sheriff, and the only candidate in the current race who is competent to serve." - J.B. Hall

Barbara Hammersberg

Gregory Hanenburg

Joan Hanten

Michael Hanten

JW Harrington

Amanda Harvey

Scott Hayman

Jerry Hebert

Cheryl Hoskins

Matthew Hoskins

Peter Jahnes

Ray Jennings

Sandy Jennings

Christopher Jensen

Jamie Jensen

Scott Jensen

"John's approach to community policing has created a mutual approach to law enforcement and

community members treating each other as neighbors." - Richmond Johnson

Laurie Kadet

Mike Kerr

Glynnis Klinefelter Sio

Sylvester La Blanc

Robert Law

Bill Lougheed

Kathy Lougheed

Donald Lutes

Greg Lynch

Matt Macklin

Janis Maracic

Alan Marshall

Marsha Masters

Sharon McAffee

Lanette McGauley

Rick McGauley

Jeffrey Menge

Joyce Merkel

Mary Beth Miller

Larry Mitchell

Dave Montoure

Bev Moreno

Ernie Moreno

Pamela Morris
David Myers

Greg Nance

Ned Newlin

Carl Olson

Tony Otto

Craig Patti

Hannah Petersen

John Petersen

Pat Petersen

Dick Peterson

Linda Peterson

Melynda Phelps

Ken Price

Tim Quigley

Adison Richards

Leslie Reynolds Taylor

Mike Robinson

Robert Rosenbladt

Joe Roszak

Penelope Sapp

Wilson Sapp

Glenn Schmitt

David Selbig

Tara Sell

Gary Shuck

Colleen Simpson

Kathy Simpson

Earl Smith

Ginger Sommerhauser

Jim Sommerhauser

Rob Sowell

George Sparber

Joanne Sprague

"I had the privilege of working with John Gese for more than 30 years. During those years, most every facet of the Sheriff’s Office became more complicated due to changes in legislation, funding, and society. Impacts have been felt in patrol operations, the jail, civil process unit, finance, training, records, evidence, investigations, and more. John met these challenges with the ability to adapt and excel as he gained invaluable experience working his way up the ranks to undersheriff, and now sheriff. On top of all that, he is a very thoughtful and intelligent person who truly cares about the people in our communities. For these reasons I believe John Gese is the right choice for Sheriff." - John Sprague

Debra Stevenson

Dr. Ginny Sugimoto

Dr. Mark Sugimoto

Bob Thurston

Kathy Thomas

Larry Thomas

Frank Tweten

Dave Walters

Katie Walters

Kelly Wernicke

Sunny Wheeler

Tom Wolfe

Katherine Woods

Michael Woods

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